Polymer container PK10

PK10 / Capacity: 1 l / PCS per pallet: 6480

The one liter plastic bucket is a durable product for storing liquid, solid or bulk products. It is often used for the sale of food and paint products. Such containers, unlike glass containers, are more durable, as well as lighter than metal ones. In the production of plastic liter buckets for food products, a material that is safe for human health is used. It does not emit harmful substances, so it can be used to store all kinds of goods intended for food.

All plastic buckets are usually equipped with a special lid and a convenient handle. This contributes to airtightness and avoids the penetration of contaminants, air, unwanted microbes inside the container. The handle makes it easy to carry the bucket after purchase, which is important for consumers.

Advantages of the product:

  • compact dimensions;
  • comfortable realization of goods;
  • suitable for different types of goods;
  • affordable cost of the container;
  • high degree of impact resistance.

Plastic reliably protects the products inside the container from external unfavorable influences. Such buckets can be transparent or have a certain color, which is chosen by the manufacturer for its products.