Polymer canister EPG1000

EPG1000 / Capacity: 10 l / PCS per pallet: 100
Plastic canisters are a great alternative to bulky metal containers. Food plastic or high-density polymer is used for manufacturing plastic containers. The material is not permeable to fuel vapors and is safe for living organisms. In 10-liter plastic canisters it is possible to store auto chemicals, household chemicals, technical oil and grease, agrochemicals and food liquids. The containers are equipped with a lid. Can be used for transportation of liquids over long distances.

Buy plastic 10-liter canisters for storage of chemical and food products is offered by KazakhUpack company. Packaging containers made of polymers are produced by the factory on modern equipment using innovative solutions in the field of packaging. They guarantee safety and security of the product, convenience of storage and transportation of liquids. They can become a business card of the company if you order decorating of containers.